Nadal competes in Balearic Golf Championship 2021 before the US Open

Nadal competes in Balearic Golf Championship 2021 before the US Open

Nadal competes in Balearic Golf Championship 2021 before the US Open

In the last four seasons, the twenty times champion Rafael Nadal has won at least one major title, recovered after two difficult seasons, and returned in his best form. At present, the Spaniard has very little chance of continuing his winning streak, wasting his chances in the Australian Open and French Open, and missed Wimbledon due to a foot injury.

Nadal won the U.S. Open twice between 2017 and 2019. He is very capable of defeating everyone in New York, but he probably won’t be in 2021 as he is still unable to get serious training sessions due to ongoing injuries. In addition, Nadal has signed the 2021 Balearic Golf Championship in the semi-amateur group at his home in Mallorca, which will be held this weekend, only seven days from the US Open.

Rather than making the final preparations on the practice field, the world's number 4 will enjoy his second favorite sport and may not think too much about his trip to New York, because he still cannot participate in the competition at or close to 100%. Nadal won two ATP championships in 2021, but he is not satisfied with his results, mainly because of injuries.

Due to a back injury, Nadal skipped the ATP Cup in February and played his best at the Australian Open before losing a massive lead against Stefanos Tsitsipas in the quarterfinals.

Alexander Zverev defeated Nadal in Madrid, and the Spaniard overcame all obstacles in Rome and won the first 1000 Masters trophy since 2019! Nadal, who hopes to achieve more in Roland Garros, has only experienced his third loss in Paris, losing to Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals more than four hours later, and failed to lift the 21st Grand Slam trophy.

Since that marathon match, Nadal has fought with a foot injury, so he left the stadium for three weeks and missed Wimbledon and the Olympics. The Spaniard played two games in Washington in early August, tried his feet, and opted out of Toronto and Cincinnati, but still felt not strong enough to chase the championship.

With the U.S. Open approaches and Nadal’s plans this weekend, the withdrawal of the U.S. Open should be the next logical step in Nadal’s troubled season because, at this time, he obviously can’t stand a five-game two-win system.

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